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At some point in my life, I was the girl who was never been kissed. I could still remember that feeling when all my friends have been in a relationship and I was this dorky chick who is too naรฏve to care about her love life, or maybe even, sex life. I was the girl who believed in the fictitious idea of love, that kissing a bunch of losers is worse than waiting forever to kiss the right guy. But somehow, I was able to get through that phase. I realized that I couldnโ€™t afford to miss out on a lot of fun. Want to know what made me change my mind? Read these seven tips and become a better kisser today!

1. Go out as Often as Possible

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The key to becoming a good kisser is to start meeting new friends. Youโ€™ll never really know that some possibilities exist if you donโ€™t get out of your comfort zone and show your beauty to the world. Just like me, Iโ€™ll never realize that waiting for the right guy would waste so many opportunities if I hadnโ€™t made time mingling with lots of interesting men.

2. You Should Have Courage to Date

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Looking back, I never thought Iโ€™d say these words right now. I was actually not the type of girl who often went on dates. I was afraid to get hurt and meet a guy who wouldnโ€™t take me seriously. But then, who cares? Sometimes we need to have courage and have fun. Thereโ€™s no perfect relationship, anyway, so go on a date! Kiss as many guys as you want.

3. Learn How to Make the First Move

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So what if youโ€™re a girl? Are we not allowed to express what we really feel and ask the guy we like on a date (unless heโ€™s already taken)? As long as youโ€™re not breaking the rules, go forth and take the man out! I know that it takes guts to be that kind of girl but if you donโ€™t try it then youโ€™ll lose the game. We are in the 21st century and many women have stood their ground to fight for our rights. One of those rights is to be able to choose who to date and kiss.

4. Seize the Day!

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For someone who was never been kissed, the most important step you need to take before the act is to get over your inhibitions. Stop overthinking and just do it! Carpe diem they sayโ€”unless you want to lie unconscious on the ground and wait for a prince charming to come save you, which will probably never happen. Girl, princes donโ€™t even come with a shining armor so stop daydreaming and start living that dream today!

5. Give in to Your Feelings

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Once you meet that guy who makes your stomach turn because of butterflies, do not waste any more time. Just pounce on him like a lion focused on its prey. Youโ€™ve waited long enough for this to ever ignore the chance. So please, just give in to your feelings. Let your emotions carry you away. Do not be afraid to be out of control. Remember, once youโ€™re out in the jungle, you can only do so much to be wild and free.

6. Practice, Practice, and Practice!

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Your first kiss may not be as magical or amazing as what youโ€™ve imagined it to be. But thereโ€™s probably a lot of time to make up for it. Donโ€™t pressure yourself too much. As what the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Kiss random guys you like if youโ€™re single. And of course, if you have a partner, experiment all the time. Avoid stressing yourself about getting better too soonโ€”just do what you think feels good for both of you!

7. Just Enjoy the Moment

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Take it slow. Despacito, as what the Biebs has reminded us to do in his anthem of the year. Enjoy the moment. Do not ever stop even if your lips are sore. Take time to savor those โ€œkissable lipsโ€ like youโ€™re kissing your significant other goodbye. When youโ€™re done memorizing the curves of his lips, experiment with your tongueโ€”push it in, desperately. Maybe move your hands a bit, rub his chest or wrap it around the back of his head, too. Yes, just like that.

When kissing becomes overwhelming for you, especially if youโ€™re a beginner, just be yourself, try to relax, and close your eyes. Having a memorable kiss truly lies in you. Own it and make that intimate moment a magical one!
So, which among these tips would you like to try? ;)

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