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At some point in my life, I was the girl who was never been kissed. I could still remember that feeling when all my friends have been in a relationship and I was this dorky chick who is too naïve to care about her love life, or maybe even, sex life. I was the girl who believed in the fictitious idea of love, that kissing a bunch of losers is worse than waiting forever to kiss the right guy. But somehow, I was able to get through that phase. I realized that I couldn’t afford to miss out on a lot of fun. Want to know what made me change my mind? Read these seven tips and become a better kisser today!

1. Go out as Often as Possible

The key to becoming a good kisser is to start meeting new friends. You’ll never really know that some possibilities exist if you don’t get out of your comfort zone and show your beauty to the world. Just like me, I’ll never realize that waiting for the right guy would waste so many opportunities if I hadn’t made time mingling with lots of interesting men.

You Should Have Courage to Date


Practice patience practice 😋
Missing on..so yes I agree with this article one hundred percent...go ahead and live girls ...after-all there is only one life we get...one chance to live ...I never believed i would say this
Such a great article..I was exactly like one of those girls waiting for a prince to turn up...funny enough only few months ago someone made me realise what I am
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