4. Seize the Day!

For someone who was never been kissed, the most important step you need to take before the act is to get over your inhibitions. Stop overthinking and just do it! Carpe diem they sayβ€”unless you want to lie unconscious on the ground and wait for a prince charming to come save you, which will probably never happen. Girl, princes don’t even come with a shining armor so stop daydreaming and start living that dream today!

Give in to Your Feelings


Practice patience practice πŸ˜‹
Missing on..so yes I agree with this article one hundred percent...go ahead and live girls ...after-all there is only one life we get...one chance to live ...I never believed i would say this
Such a great article..I was exactly like one of those girls waiting for a prince to turn up...funny enough only few months ago someone made me realise what I am
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