2. Mr. Wrong Might Know Mr. Right

Mr. Wrong Might Know Mr. Right

One tip to finding the right guy is to keep his number.

Don't toss it out as soon as it's "over." One thing many girls overlook is that just because one guy doesn't work out for you, that doesn't mean his friends wouldn't!


Wrong might be friends with Mr.


So keep in touch with your guy friends and hang out periodically to see if they have any hot men-friends you'd like to get to know a little better!

Don't Try so Hard


I just moved home after college and I don't really have many friends here (I went our of state for college). Does anyone have any advice for how to meet someone when you really don't have that much of a social life? I mean, obliviously get out more often. But where should I go to meet a good guy?
So I'm falling for my guy BFF and I don't really know what to do
Helena, I actually did reply to one of your posts. Guess you missed it. Anyway as I said earlier, I think he is definitely still interested in you and if you are ready for things to move forward this time, let him know! You've got to show more affection and flirt with him more. It's okay that he doesn't text first, most boys don't. As long as he's treating you special, chances are he likes you and you need to let him know that you do too. Good luck!
Ive posted on many of these, but havnt gotten any replies, i just need dome advice!! Well i met this guy a few months back, and it was really obvious that we were attracted to each other. I was in a bad place so we kinda stopped talking for a little. Just recently, we started talking again. It's obviously not like it uses to be, but he still makes time for me. We bumped into each other at the mall and we got to talk! Just the other day i invited him to a friends house to swim and when i told him hed be the only guy there and he told me that he didnt want to leave me hanging! He seems a little interested, touchy and he likes to trease me! He almost neverr texts first though!!! What do i do?
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