2. Mr. Wrong Might Know Mr. Right

Mr. Wrong Might Know Mr. Right

One tip to finding the right guy is to keep his number. Don't toss it out as soon as it's "over." One thing many girls overlook is that just because one guy doesn't work out for you, that doesn't mean his friends wouldn't! Mr. Wrong might be friends with Mr. Right! So keep in touch with your guy friends and hang out periodically to see if they have any hot men-friends you'd like to get to know a little better!

Don't Try so Hard


Ask him if he wants to hang out sometime. Start hanging out with him more and more. THen tell him how you feel.
I like this guy, and we used to be best friends, but as we got older things changed and we weren’t friends for a while, now I REALLY like him, but I don’t know how to re-open our relationship. I w...
@LoveDancingInTheRain, Your plan sounds pretty good so far! Be yourself for sure! Just remember to throw yourself out there a little more text him, and things like that. if you don't have his number t...
It sounds like he is trying to get your attention and throw himself out there for you to see. When a guy wants to physically make contact with you (like a hug, or anything!) He's trying to send you a ...
I think you should hang out with the 2nd guy since he's just a friend. Still date the 1st guy or whatever, but don't act like your hanging out with the 2nd guy bhind his back. If he asks what your doi...
@tara, All you have to do is say "Hi, i still haven't got your name yet. What's your name, again?"
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