4. There's Nothing Wrong with Having Standards

There's Nothing Wrong with Having Standards

I always tell my single friends that there is no need to settle.

It's a good idea to have a "list" of "criteria" you would like a guy to meet.

You don't need to just be content to have a man who has no job, no interest in ever having a job or trade of any kind and likes to play XBox all day and party all night.

But at the same time, keep your "list" and "criteria" loose.

If you have such high standards that no guy will ever be able to meet them, you may end up alone forever!

Remember that guys are human just like you and give them some space to live.

Also, don't pass by a perfectly nice guy with your nose in the air just because you think you deserve a prince or a king.2

There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea


Wow, you Miss, are really giving the wrong advice haha. I suggest, do the opposite of what the person above says..
@LoveDancingInTheRain, i think u got it all under controol just take a deep breath and smile mabey he feels the same why u have to think bout that and not just ur self (not tring to be rude) but u dont have to rush in it u will know when its the right time to talk to him just take baby steps be friends first and mabey compliment him they like there compliments like us girls do ;D
Ashley Bidwell
Guess I'll never find love.
Ashley Bidwell
I see how it would work for me no guy likes me at all mostly because i dont look pretty or whatever
@dierdra, Well, First Of All, If Your Only 9, I do not think you should start dating yet. I Do not think you are in love either. By now, your feelings probably Disappeared. Wait A While. Good Luck.
poor you Just try to be yourself and if he likes you then he will talk to you and who says the guy has to make the first move catch him at break to something
Excellent article! I know many of my female friends could benefit from this! I would also add joining a local gym to try to look for Mr. Right. Maybe sign up for an exercise class or self defense class. That way you would start off with at least one common interest. Aside from that, I would encourage the ladies to not give up and remember that there really are plenty of fish out there. If things don't work out with one guy, remember this from sales 101: some will, some won't, so what, next
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