5. There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea

There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea

One tip to finding the right guy is to remember there are plenty of fish in the sea. Yes, broken hearts take time to mend and relationships that end on a bad note can hurt for a good while. But there ARE other men out there, men who will treat you right and love you the most. Don't write off all men in the world as jerks-there are some pretty cool dudes out there just waiting to be discovered!

Be the Kind of Girl a Guy Would Want


Heather Jensen
Hi Arlet! You never know! :)
I know I am young but I feel like I will never find anyone right for me and that I will have to settle.
Marisa Coles
All you gotta do is tel him how it is, let him know you want to get to know him better and tell him that you want more than just sex, and it means a lot to you if you can take the time together to get...
Marisa Coles
@tara, Just casually walk up to him and say hey how are you?I'm Tara, what's your name?Then mention something simple, like ask him if he likes riding on the bus or how was his day at school.
Tanya Negrey
@Heather Jensen, I don't think giving ultimatums are ever a good idea, no matter what the situation. It sets up a relationship based on "do what I want you to do, or else..." Relationships should be b...
Tanya Negrey
I am just wondering why this article suggests to not look for Mr. Right on an online dating site? There are many, many guts out there online looking for love. Why would you discount this as an option?
Heather Jensen
Hi Cailey! I'd say that you first need to back off of him because he has a girlfriend. You don't want to be that girl. I know it's hard, but truthfully, you find someone that is awesome and that is worth you!
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