5. There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea

There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea

One tip to finding the right guy is to remember there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Yes, broken hearts take time to mend and relationships that end on a bad note can hurt for a good while.

But there ARE other men out there, men who will treat you right and love you the most.

Don't write off all men in the world as jerks-there are some pretty cool dudes out there just waiting to be discovered!

Be the Kind of Girl a Guy Would Want


I'm 30 and I feel the same way at times...hang in there...there are better times to come!
I agree with 7.) Look in the Right Places: "Bars, clubs, online dating website and your local AAA group meeting are not ideal places to find serious guys." When I was younger, I would always talk to men at bars and clubs...but when I left to go home and they would ask for my number I would give them a fake one. I knew better (even during my college days) that men at bars and clubs are not worth your time once you exit the bar or club to go home--all they are looking for is to get laid that night--nothing more. You aren't going to meet any serious guy at these places--trust me--I went to college and I've been there. Just pick up your handbag (and watch your drink all night) and go home--alone. Don't try to continue anything from that bar or club--leave it there. As for online dating sites...I've never done them. I have always believed in meeting a man by chance. I have a lot of friends who have dated online and 99.9% of the stories I have heard regarding online dating are all bad. I only know one person who meet their "match" online and it was my nerdy cousin who is a teacher--he met another nerdy teacher and they are now engaged. That was the only story of success I have though. Online dating is pretty much the new bar and club scene for 2011...pick someone up for drinks and sex and thats about it. Ladies...get out there and be social. Meet men the old fashioned way...face to face. No bars or clubs need apply!
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