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There you sit, clutching your phone, waiting on that little noise to indicate you have a new text message.

You wait and wait, but so far, no messages have come.2

What should you do?

How do you get him to text you?

If this describes your current situation, here are 29 tips to get a guy to text you back.

1. Play a Little Hard to Get and Don't Text Back Right Away


I know this is difficult, but it works.

When he does text you, don’t immediately respond.2

Wait a few hours (you CAN do it!), and then casually write him back.

2. Don’t Blow up His Phone, Either


If your guy has sent you a text, answer it and then play it cool.

It is not a good idea to fire off three or four texts to him continuously one after another.

The goal is to make him want to talk/text with you.

3. Talk about Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies


When you do talk/text with him, make sure you have things to talk about in your life.

You don’t want him to think that he is all that you think about and that you don’t have a life outside of him.

Be interesting!

4. But Ask about His Interests, Too


It helps to have a conversation if you understand a little about the things that he is into.

Does he like the guitar?

Try learning a few things about it too so that you can chat with him the next time he brings it up.2

5. Never Make Promises You Don't Intend to Keep


Do NOT promise to do things with him that you do not mean.

Although some girls use these types of promises for the β€˜shock value’ it gives totally the wrong impression.

6. Don’t Send Any Photos You Might Regret Later

hair,face,nose,black hair,hairstyle,

As badly as you want to hear from him, do NOT send him any pictures of you that you wouldn’t want to be shown to multiple people.

Trust me, he will not keep them to himself.

I promise.

Find out His Opinions and Ask His Advice
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