10 Tips to Help You Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You ...


I created this list of tips to help you forgive because I needed to etch it in my heart as well. I have this conversation often with my friends and family about forgiveness. Often the question is, "But HOW do I forgive when...?" That's a great question! How do we forgive? What is forgiveness anyway and how do we know that we have truly forgiven a person? These tips to help you forgive have helped me greatly along the way.

1. You're Not Perfect

You're not perfect and neither am I, no matter how hard we try to be. We are all human and we all make mistakes. I remember reading a book about a woman who had a near death experience, and one of the things she wrote about was how she realized how often she had offended people on earth and had absolutely no idea that she had done it. At some point you will need to ask someone for forgiveness, so humble yourselves and learn to forgive others when they need it… whether they ask for it or not.

You've Been Forgiven


Heather Jensen
Hi Av! Have you tried to talk to him? Explain your feelings? That might be the best bet!
Heather Jensen
Hi Bonita! I do have one that is coming about that. :) Thank you!
Bonita Phillips
Could you do an article about being Strung Along, like the meaning, the signs, tips, advice, etc...
Thank you so much, it's helpful for me. Especially agree the title 5 about life is short!😘
Av Avdasunshine
need advice pls... my partner is doing all things right but one thing he always lie to me. some time i knew what the truth is but he lies to me. he had his ex girlfriend. he told me his no more in ...
I'm still having a hard time forgiving my ex and myself for how he treated me, and the way I let him treat me. I needed this because its something I work on every day. Thank you.
I really enjoyed this article but I think one really important thing was left out. In my opinion and experience the most important thing about forgiveness is freeing yourself of the hurt and pain som...
Mother Teresa is amazing in her words!
... at all when growing up. When he passed on, I treated his death as a what so. And there's nothing we can do about it. 1.5 years later, I had a huge breakthrough from the gap of this relationship. ...
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