10. Send Written Letters

Finally ladies, the last way on how to keep a long-distance relationship interesting is to brush up on those written letters. Writing a hand-written letter to your man is a great way to let him know that you really are thinking about him.

Plus, it'll be a surprise in the mail!

Even through trying to learn how to keep a long-distance relationship interesting can be hard, it is possible! If you're in a long distance relationship, do you have any how to keep a long-distance relationship interesting tips to share? Give 'em up ladies!

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Heather Jensen
Hey Mikaela! I'm so glad that you are in a LDR, they are hard, but they are absolutely worth it. :) I'm sorry about your parents though!
I love this site & also the articles. I'm in a LDR and i know it is too hard for us twice a month just to see each other and we're just doing this steps we always talk on the phone,skype& text...
Sheila Joseph
Thank you Diamond! Keep visiting. We appreciate all the love and positive feedback :)
Diamond Watson
I'm glad this was posted !
Thank you for the comment Kenzie! I hope that you two work it all out. :)
Kenzie Hooten
My boyfriend is leaving for college in about 5 days and Ive been dreading this moment all summer. I've spent almost everyday with him since I met him and it's crazy to think that we won't be in the sa...
@Audrey, try deployment lol
this is cool but my man is in the army, sadly not all of these are doable for us because of his duties, deployments..ect..college I'm sure is hard but try a years deployment with your love in Afghanis...
Aww! Thanks so much Anon! We love you!!! :)
I LOVE this websitee (:
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