10. Send Written Letters

Finally ladies, the last way on how to keep a long-distance relationship interesting is to brush up on those written letters. Writing a hand-written letter to your man is a great way to let him know that you really are thinking about him. Plus, it'll be a surprise in the mail!

Even through trying to learn how to keep a long-distance relationship interesting can be hard, it is possible! If you're in a long distance relationship, do you have any how to keep a long-distance relationship interesting tips to share? Give 'em up ladies!

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Heather Jensen
Wow! That's an awesome idea! Thanks so much for the addition Lola! :) I completely agree, if you are totally comfortable with your lover, it shouldn't be a problem at all!
Skype Sex. If you are 100% confident in your relationship and have nothing to hide, masturbating on Skype together is one of the best things I have ever done with the love of my life. You can keep yo...
@Heather Jensen, Thaanks! I think we should be more careful. Someday, i hope they will forgive us. They should understand that we love each other. Godbless Heather! :)
Heather Jensen
Hey Mikaela! I'm so glad that you are in a LDR, they are hard, but they are absolutely worth it. :) I'm sorry about your parents though!
I love this site & also the articles. I'm in a LDR and i know it is too hard for us twice a month just to see each other and we're just doing this steps we always talk on the phone,skype& text...
Sheila Joseph
Thank you Diamond! Keep visiting. We appreciate all the love and positive feedback :)
Diamond Watson
I'm glad this was posted !
Thank you for the comment Kenzie! I hope that you two work it all out. :)
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