6. Fill Them in

Be sure if you see your ex out in public that you fill them in on how you’re doing if it has been a while since you broke up. If they ask how you are, then don’t overdo it, or go to extremes, but simply fill them in on your job and how things are going with your family, friends, etc.

Tell them about a new hobby, or new interest, but also keep it brief. You don’t want to elaborate on your life without them, which might make you sound like you’re trying to prove a point, but you should also act natural by filling them in on what is going on in your life, letting them know you’ve moved on and have a healthy, adult attitude towards the breakup.

Don’t Flaunt


if you still need him you ask him to be back to you ...
you ignore him. he ignored you. why are you complaining.
Katy Rainey
I saw mine while I was cashiering one night. He came in and I acted like I didn't know him. However, he also acted the same way to me! He never approached me and it did hurt my feelings. Why did he do...
Nur Azuin
Come on girls ! Just get around friends and be happy !
I only see 7 tips
I've been needing an article on this for weeks!!! I really needed to know what to do because I have to endure a class with him and he did me incredibly wrong and it still hurts :( but thank you so mu...
Ignore, ignore and ignore!!! Men hates when they are ignored!!!
I hid in a fridge at the milkbar yesterday morning. Just finished at the gym, bright red, sweaty and gross.... Stop of to get breakfast and in walks the devil. I hid in the fridge and the shop owner laughed his head off when I told him why!
How about when you have to see them everyday at work? I've made arrangements that we do not work together. We don't speak and it's not mandatory that we have to. I'm still hurting. It's hard to let go...
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