6. Fill Them in

Be sure if you see your ex out in public that you fill them in on how you’re doing if it has been a while since you broke up.

If they ask how you are, then don’t overdo it, or go to extremes, but simply fill them in on your job and how things are going with your family, friends, etc.

Tell them about a new hobby, or new interest, but also keep it brief.

You don’t want to elaborate on your life without them, which might make you sound like you’re trying to prove a point, but you should also act natural by filling them in on what is going on in your life, letting them know you’ve moved on and have a healthy, adult attitude towards the breakup.2

Don’t Flaunt


I'm pretty sure my ex hates my guys so I try to steer clear of him.
Chloe Miley
I must start by saying I absolutely love the picture.
What about if you have your newborn with you?
Yeah but don't you want to flaunt your happy even tho ur not
Ignored him... that's it!.. This is my solition ever :)
Umm idk what I just did... What is that...😳^
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