4. Make It Really Easy to Cut Contact

Keep the first few meetings rather formal. Don’t make any promises about being his new girlfriend. At this point, you’re just figuring out if you want to spend more time with this person or whether you want to move on. To make it really easy to cut ties, don’t share too much personal information right away.

It’s okay to share your phone number because blocking a specific caller is easy these days, and texting is a normal way to get to know someone. But avoid sharing your address. Some people may think it’s okay to drop by unannounced, whereas you might think it’s downright creepy. Don’t share your address until you’re absolutely sure you wouldn’t mind having your date come to your house.

What’s been your experience with online dating? How do you stay safe? Share your comments!


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This is very useful article. Thank you for addressing issues involving safety.
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