Top 15 Body Language Signs to Watch out for when Flirting ...


Body language is something that everyone has a problem reading, especially body language when flirting.

Have you ever been flirting with a guy and think that he is really into you, only to find out he isn’t?

Well, I’ve got the inside scoop on how to read body language when flirting and how you can tell that he’s really into you!

Below are the top 15 body language movements to watch out for!

1. Eye Contact

Girls, if he is making complete and total eye contact with you a lot, then it is definitely a top sign of his body language when flirting!

Don’t you tend to make eye contact when you’re flirting?

It’s the same for guys!

So the next time you see a guy trying to catch your eye, flirt right back!



Heather Jensen
Hi Ms! I'm so sorry that happened to you! I'd get out there though and start dating again! :)
lol what a wonderfully girls talk iam not believe in love now i was hurt by a person tht i was think she love me we are ilove for 4years she was phone me everyday is where i realised tht she have a feelings with me and send anice msgs take mi to dinner and i was fall in love but she will hurts me .
Heather Jensen
Hey Rupali! There is no time that you can just pull him away for a little bit and just talk to him? Give that a try!
@Heather Jensen, Actually due to public dealing I can't find suitable time to talk to him! He is so cute that before he leaves , he always come around to see me or you can say to give me a hint that he is going! One thing I know that we both try that at least one deep stare we should share! But the problem is how to move further!
Heather Jensen
Hey Rupali! So it sounds like he is your boss right? Have you tried to talk to him a little bit about how you are feeling? It might be a good idea!
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