4. Shy Guy

He clams up whenever he speaks to you or stumbles over his words. You might catch him blushing or looking away after you make eye contact. He wants to impress you, but you make him nervous. He might do little things to try to get your attention or he might completely ignore you. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you--it means just the opposite!

Overly Sexual


Comment on the shy one, how do you know if he's just shy and likes you, or he knows you like him, so he's being incredibly awkward and ignoring you. (idk how he could know... my friends and i never to...
Rachel Abert
@Natalie can I be your friend to follow you
omg so so true!
very true, I love this app !
Very true! Dealing with a shy guy atm lol
I like guys who are genuine.
Totally true!
I would agree #4 I like the shy type who prefer to be sincerely
Laurel Wyrick
I disagree with #6. Guys that show their "appreciation" by being a jerk, aren't always guys any girl should be with.
The girl in the pic look like the thing in dr seuss ☺
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