3. Flirting to Make an Ex Jealous

If you're in a situation that calls for you to be around your ex a lot, then you might want to make him jealous by flirting with other guys.

Maybe you want to win him back and are hoping to make him see just how desirable you are. Or perhaps he's a cheating scumbag and you simply want to show him what he's missing. It's probably not the healthiest behavior, but we've all done it. And who knows? Maybe one of the guys you're using to make your ex jealous will turn out to be dating material.

Flirting to Outdo Another Girl


Teri Fox
Ingrid Bourke
Im guilty!
So true..!! :D
Ya Tan
My best friend and I were at a nightclub, we flirted with this average looking guy because we wanted some drinks and were broke, I know it sounds cheap and hell YOLO, but he got us 2 drinks each, so worth it ! 😂 I'm get shameless sometimes 🙊
So true
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