4. Flirting to Outdo Another Girl

Admit itβ€”you've flirted with a guy just because some girl you can't stand was into him. Maybe she was always all over your ex, or perhaps she's constantly throwing shade your way (which is probably just because she's jealous).

You might notice that she has her eye on a certain guy, so you decide to target him, too. However, you should remember that another person is involved hereβ€”you really shouldn't use the poor guy just to hurt your nemesis. But if you think that he's cute and worth getting to know better, then go for it.

Flirting to Get a Self Esteem Boost


Ingrid Bourke
Im guilty!
So true..!! :D
Ya Tan
My best friend and I were at a nightclub, we flirted with this average looking guy because we wanted some drinks and were broke, I know it sounds cheap and hell YOLO, but he got us 2 drinks each, so worth it ! 😂 I'm get shameless sometimes 🙊
So true
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