7. Flirting Because You're in Love

Of course not all flirting is vengeful or selfish. Sometimes you just fall head over heels for a guy, and you just can't help yourself. This can be the most awkward type of flirting because those love goggles totally throw off your game.

You stumble all over your words, blush like crazy, and giggle a little too much. But when you're so smitten that you can't remember anything you learned about flirting, none of those silly rules really matter anymore, right?

Flirting can be fun, useful, and even a little mean. Just be sure to always think before you flirt to make sure that no one gets hurt. So have you indulged in all of the different types of flirting?


Yes 🙌 guilty of all
#7!! Too bad that's over :(
Been there, done that !
☺️Some I have tried some I might 😝
Teri Fox
Ingrid Bourke
Im guilty!
So true..!! :D
Ya Tan
My best friend and I were at a nightclub, we flirted with this average looking guy because we wanted some drinks and were broke, I know it sounds cheap and hell YOLO, but he got us 2 drinks each, so worth it ! 😂 I'm get shameless sometimes 🙊
So true
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