7 Types of Guys to Always Avoid ...


If you’re searching for that dreamy boy who’ll treat you right, you’ll also have to keep an eye out for the types of guys to avoid.

While there are some men out there you’d never hesitate to bring home to the ‘rents, there are others who’ll make mom (and everyone within a 10-foot radius) cringe.

If you ever happen to meet these 7 types of guys, run as fast as you can –into the arms of prince charming, of course!

1. The Obsessive Texter


The first type of guy to avoid is the one who can’t seem to put down that cell phone.

If he’s checking up on you every .05 seconds, you need to rethink taking him up on that second date.

Don’t get me wrong: he might have the very best of intentions, but he’s just going to get needier.

And I’m sure your boss won’t appreciate you pulling out your phone during your next big team meeting.

The Serial Dater
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