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Sometimes we women just cannot help finding ourselves attracted to men who we know we shouldn’t pursue, the types of men to avoid at all costs. The heart wants what it wants. But our brains certainly know better. If you find yourself wondering if the guy who has caught your eye is a keeper, here is the definitive list of 15 types of men to avoid like the dating plague.

1. The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy

At one time or another, every girl has a thing for the guy who just doesn’t play by the rules. He’s perpetually angry, acts like a tough guy and looks damn good while doing it. But the juvenile attraction to the bad boys of our youth can quickly fade when rebellion turns into recklessness. The bad boys will just break your heart... or the law. And these rebels without a clue top the list of types of men to avoid on the dating scene.

The Underachiever


What if u have a huy with all this points 😱aaaaaaaa
Alexis Zazueta
Mama's boy ugh! I don't like about it. Would not want deal with it.
Jackie Jardine
Thanks for all the feedback, ladies. All valid points. I think the big takeaway here is be with the one who makes you happy and treats you right.
The control freak.
The stalker. The bum. The guy just using u for a green card. The booty caller.
Mine was a mixture of the workaholic and the cheater. I can't believe he still found time in his busy schedule to cheat on me, but I guess him always having been busy made me less suspicious.
@Christina I completely agree I have a workaholic and I come last I feel like I live alone and when he is home he sleeps
Good point...acceptance is important
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