2. Cheating Relationship

What about a relationship where you both constantly cheat but you don't think your partner would ever do that?

If you've ever seen 'Couples Retreat,' you know exactly what type of relationship this is.

This is a relationship that is not full of trust – but rather full of emptiness.

Any type of infidelity in a relationship makes it toxic, so you have to watch out.

Controlling/Jealous Relationship


It sucks because half of these you don't even realize you were in/ were dis functional... Especially manipulative
Heather Jensen
Oh man! That is horrible! You've got to have a life of your own too.
Heather Jensen
Aww! It'll take time, but so worth it! :)
You're right, I've experienced those from just one man and it feels awful! Now I'm in the process of healing I just wish I will be over him soon..
Joanne Maryrose Sierra Olaes
I have been with Controlling/Jealous Relationship before. At first, I thought it's normal because my partner probably wants to spend time with me. Then months past by, he gets mad whenever I ask permission to go out with my friends and it came to the point that he always tell me "if you go out with your friends, sorry, we have to break up".
Heather Jensen
Yes, it absolutely does!
Heather Jensen
That isn't any type of relationship that you want to be in Nichole. :(
Heather Jensen
Exactly! These types of relationships are way too hard to be in! :)
Nichole Boone
What abt all of the above relationship?
Truly true
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