2. Cheating Relationship

What about a relationship where you both constantly cheat but you don't think your partner would ever do that? If you've ever seen 'Couples Retreat,' you know exactly what type of relationship this is. This is a relationship that is not full of trust – but rather full of emptiness. Any type of infidelity in a relationship makes it toxic, so you have to watch out.

Controlling/Jealous Relationship


Katie Meredith
@haleykennedy98 that's awful!!
Imagine a relationship that has all of this 😱 and ur stuck with it
What about all in one? Add in a bit of stalker like attributes... Talk about Toxic with an extra dose of Ic(k) ... RUN ladies.... Run as fast as you can...
My last boyfriend kept trying to change me and tell me what to wear or how to dress. It got so bad, he called himself the fashion police.
Sadly, I had #s 2,3,4,6 & 8 all with one guy. I'm just glad I got out alive.
So sad that I didn't see these signs in my own toxic relationship. I gave 3 years of precious time to a relationship that did nothing but try to break me down. So very blessed to be in a better place ...
I've been in a controlling/jealous relationship with a very insecure guy!! I just thought he liked me a lot, but he made the relationship move at such a fast pace and we pretty much hit every relation...
I didn't even realize I was in a toxic relationship until afterwards 😔
Katie Meredith
I was in the Controlling/Jealous for a year and 3 months I couldn't even spend time with my own family... about every time we were together he made me cry. Ugh glad I'm out of that!
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