5. Demanding Relationship

What about a relationship that is very, very demanding?2

A relationship that is filled with demands, so many expectations and tons of concessions.

This doesn't sound like a relationship that I would ever want to be in, what about you?

Over-the-Top Perfectionist Relationship


How about the "maybe baby" relationship, where the one person keeps changing their mind and you never know exactly where you stand or where you are at with them- one month they don't know what they want in life, the next they are madly in love and want a future.. Blah blah.. I can attest to this because I just got out of one!!
Katie Meredith
@haleykennedy98 that's awful!!
Imagine a relationship that has all of this 😱 and ur stuck with it
What about all in one? Add in a bit of stalker like attributes... Talk about Toxic with an extra dose of Ic(k) ... RUN ladies.... Run as fast as you can...
My last boyfriend kept trying to change me and tell me what to wear or how to dress. It got so bad, he called himself the fashion police.
Sadly, I had #s 2,3,4,6 & 8 all with one guy. I'm just glad I got out alive.
So sad that I didn't see these signs in my own toxic relationship. I gave 3 years of precious time to a relationship that did nothing but try to break me down. So very blessed to be in a better place now. But still living with the scars. Thanks for the article:-)
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