7 Undeniable Signs You Are in a Flirtationship ...


There are many signs you are in a flirtationship that you should be aware of.

If you are not familiar with the term, a flirtationship is defined as much more than your typical friendship but less than a romantic relationship.

Do you recognize any of these signs you are in a flirtationship?

1. Constant Flirting

One of the signs you are in a flirtationship is when you are frequently flirting with a close friend.

You tease him by doing childish things to him, such as poking him, stealing his cap, spanking his butt or tickling him.

You laugh a lot together and enjoy hanging out.

You also have nicknames for each other and inside jokes that no one understands.

2. What to Call It?

You aren’t really sure how to label the kind of friendship you have with him.

You both know it’s a lot more than a platonic friendship but don’t know what label to put on it.

You aren’t dating in an official sense so you can’t tell people he’s someone you are seeing.2

And you aren’t sleeping together so he’s not a friend with benefits, although many flirtationships do proceed to that stage.

3. Have a Boyfriend

Some people say you have to be single to be in a flirtationship but I’ve discovered that isn’t always the case.

This type of relationship can happen even when both of you are in committed relationships.

Your partner may not like your “platonic partner” and the friendship probably makes him uncomfortable.

And you can be sure that his girlfriend hates the fact that he’s close to another female.

Be warned that should your feelings change for your flirtationship partner, it could seriously jeopardize your relationship.

4. Texting Buddy

This is the guy that quickly responds to your texts regardless of how weird they are.

It’s common to send this guy pictures of dancing kittens, lizards wearing vintage clothes and dogs dressed in superhero attire.

He finds them hilarious and reciprocates in kind.

It seems like you guys never run out of things to talk about because you are always laughing together.

Uncertain Feelings
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