11. Tell Him What You Want


While letting a guy take control, as previously stated, will definitely get him going this is something else that might work.

Sometimes guys like you taking control and knowing what you want.

To do this you have to be confident!

Don't be timid and ask for what you want, demand it.

This will definitely guy your guys engines roaring, plus you'll get what you want.

Strip Tease


Nancy Stump
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@Jimboob, wow i wish my boyfriend would talk like you. He refuses to ever go downstairs. I feel repulsing to him :( I'm pretty sure he finds "that" disgusting. I refuse to let him see it because of my self consciousness now.
yup...cause I just randomly carry whip cream around in my purse like a fat A**. just in case I find random pie....
When you are at dinner make sure you are wearing open toe shoes with a little heel. Then when at the table slide you foot up his leg and play with his penis and testicles and slide your leg in between his and kick him in the penis; that will get him tunt on. Then whe pn you are at one of you places (preferably yours) say "I'm going to get in the shower do you care to join me" and as you are walking to the shower slide off an item at a time and he will get erotic and join you. Then you end up having sex in the shower. This has worked with me loads of times, I have sex with different men each weekend.
@Heather Jensen do you think it was natural to watch heavily made up brutalised sex of strangers when the internet wasn't around? And then have it practised on you
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