11. Tell Him What You Want


While letting a guy take control, as previously stated, will definitely get him going this is something else that might work.

Sometimes guys like you taking control and knowing what you want.

To do this you have to be confident!

Don't be timid and ask for what you want, demand it.

This will definitely guy your guys engines roaring, plus you'll get what you want.

Strip Tease


I'm about to go watch some porn lol
This is making want to have sex right now with my husband LOL
hey guys, i suggest that if you really love each other new things in sex life style is not important. loving each other is full of surprises.
Makes me laugh the amount of guys that have commented as soon as the article is about sex :P :P :P hahaha love it!
Hey guys , i wish i can do all these things but i just cant , im too shy in bed what shall i do ??
Mary Gates
The only thing that bothers me here is all the "surprise him" and "read his reactions", which basically sound like a way to dodge talking to your partner! Consent is sexy, and think about it: hearing someone say they REALLY want you to do something is a huge turn-on. Although, those ideas would also work well if you and your partner talk about what you're into experimenting with at other points of time besides right before sex. Just a thought.
Nancy Stump
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@Jimboob, wow i wish my boyfriend would talk like you. He refuses to ever go downstairs. I feel repulsing to him :( I'm pretty sure he finds "that" disgusting. I refuse to let him see it because of my self consciousness now.
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