12. Strip Tease

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Don't just do the normal get into bed, kiss, undress, blah blah blah - try something new.

Sit your boyfriend down and do a little strip tease.

This will get him all hot and bothered and he'll feel the anticipation growing inside of him.

To do this right you can't let him touch you and don't let on to what you're going to do before you do it.

It's more fun if it's a surprise!

Make the First Move


@huey hell no, nothing better than being woke up with a man pleasuring you.
Diane Patterson
@David I've been told the same thing about lady in public
Heather Jensen
Hi Beth I'd say that you should talk to him about it. By far, the most important intimate action that you both should have is talking. You have to be able to talk to your boyfriend about sexual things!
Heather Jensen
Hi! I think that you can do a lot better. I think that you definitely should move on from him and see if you can find someone that is not married.
I have been living with a married for one year. He didn't not tell me about his marriage until eight months later. Now, I have no job and I have a 10 years old boy living with us.it really bother me, although they separates I feel I should not be in a situation like that,
Richelle Buckthorne
#8. I would like to add that communication in the bedroom is vital to a beautiful, satisfying, healthy sexual relationship. Women/Men- if it hurts or cramps, or pulls, or stings (not including the kinky fetish play), tell your woman/man! If he/she bites too hard, or your too dry, speak up! Want it harder, faster, wetter, deeper, slower, etc., just say so! Don't ever fear voicing your needs durring sex; after all, you are sharing your most sacred, private parts of your body with your counterpart, you have the right to be incharge of your needs, discomforts and desires..Remember, it's your body, your comfort and your pleasure too.Don't disregard your needs for him/her. Pleasure Talk. :)
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