12. Strip Tease

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Don't just do the normal get into bed, kiss, undress, blah blah blah - try something new.

Sit your boyfriend down and do a little strip tease.

This will get him all hot and bothered and he'll feel the anticipation growing inside of him.

To do this right you can't let him touch you and don't let on to what you're going to do before you do it.

It's more fun if it's a surprise!

Make the First Move


As long as I'm his Princess in public, day to day life, I'm his dirty girl in our bed. 13 years later and we are still finding new ways to pleasure each other. It's all about trust and respect. It's completely sexy.
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thank you!
Robert Landau
@Heather Jensen, Youre awesome
Heather Jensen
Wow! That's so horrible! You definitely have to be in tune to what your partner likes, I'm glad that you are happier now!
Old school lover
What's so difficult? Having sex is like nailing up a new shelf just bang the fucking shit out of it
I personally can't understand why a man wouldn't want to cover every inch of a female, the places he likes, areas that make her relax and the areas that get her juices running (not always between her thighs)
I love nothing more than to pleasure a woman, teasing her by rolling my tongue anywhere it will go, I am all about making sure she explodes, whether it be with my face buried between her thighs, my fingers while sucking her breasts and whispering in her ears or with my shaft buried deep where it's best to make her legs shake after orgasm...
I dated a guy and he never even went to go explore downstairs with kisses or anything! He went straight to the deed. Worst sex ever!! Never spoke to him again and he wonders why?
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