13. Make the First Move

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It's probably normal for your guy to ask for or initiate something in bed.

Why not shake things up?

Every so often why don't you make the first move?

He'll love the unexpectedness of this, especially if you've never done it before.

Lean over and kiss him a little harder than usual, let your hang linger on his thigh, or do anything so he knows where you're going with your hints.3

Surprise Him


Just fuck? I like to kiss my girl all over with the occasional love bites... That leads to me sucking on her vagina and leads to me licking her asshole... From there I usually get a quick blowjob to wet my penis for her vagina.. Then I usually slide a finger in her ass!! That drives her wild!! Be gentle tho... We make love for some time while she has multiple orgasms... But the best part is for last when I rub her clit vigorously until she squirts all over me!! That's got to be the cherry on top!!! Best sex ever!!!
Heather Jensen
So true! Thanks for the insight Harry!
Harry Clarke
As a guy myself, sometimes women overdue it just a little. Women, please don't try to overdue it. Sometimes it will just make us upset.
@Kevin, I myself love the kissing and licking all over and feel kind of short changed if a woman doesn't. To me it's about the exploration as I would do for her. Besides, I think the article read, before you take him inside
Heather Jensen
So true!!! Thank you! :)
@David, I would add that as a guy, don't just go finger exploring on your man without ok-ing it first. I dated a girl who went "cave exploring" without saying anything first and it lead to the night being ruined. Don't want to get too gross, but suffice it to say this is the story my friends all torment me with when its a guys night. So ladies, the lesson, get the ok first before you go digitizing your dude.
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