13. Make the First Move

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It's probably normal for your guy to ask for or initiate something in bed.

Why not shake things up?

Every so often why don't you make the first move?

He'll love the unexpectedness of this, especially if you've never done it before.

Lean over and kiss him a little harder than usual, let your hang linger on his thigh, or do anything so he knows where you're going with your hints.

Surprise Him


@kevin, Indisagree; #2 can be great fun,but ladies please do not overdo it. That is the main trap! We get an erection for a reason, and neglecting it too long is not what we are looking for.
Ok, as a guy, I'll chime in for the good of education. Many years ago, someone brought to my attention that all guys want pretty much the same type of woman. Here it is: Men want a woman who is a perfect lady in public, and a porn star in the bedroom. Don't know what that means? We want a woman with manners when we are out with friends or at a work party. Someone who is sexy and confident. Someone who my Grandma absolutely loves. When we get home and close the bedroom door, I want Jenna Haze 's dirty mind to replace that girl my Grandma loves. If you don't know how to do the porn star thing, then close this window and look up some Internet porn. Act like that. Do that stuff to me. Good God those women are a rarity. I don't remember all my exes names, but I sure remember the girls that fit that descriptions names. I still think about them too. Do you know when I think about them? When I'm with the girl who doesn't know how she wants to be kissed or touched and when I get frustrated that they have known themselves for their entire life, and have no clue what they want, but I'm just supposed to figure it out in a few minutes. So, this article has a lot of great points. Touch yourself, play with toys, play with food. Handcuffs? Bring them, I'm fine with that. You are having sex with me right? The more erotic, the better. I don't think you'll find too many guys turn down sex, even if they are tied up. Play safe.
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