3. Bring on the Dessert

Bring on the Dessert

Whip cream anyone?

Girls, we've all seen those sexy movie moments where there's chocolate syrup, ice cream, and even sushi involved in sex.

A lot of time we think to ourselves how messy it is or probably not going to go as smooth as it looks.

Whip cream is your best bet.

Guys want something light, yummy, and playful.

Most guys don't admit to wanting to bring food into the bedroom, but a lot of them have a secret whip cream fantasy.

Show up with a can and go crazy on each other's bodies!

This is a move in bed men love that will make you unforgettable.

Let Your Fingers Roam


@huey nope!!!!
I'm a newly wed of only a year this month. I love sex everyday if I could get it . My husband is a once a week sometimes once every two week kinda guy. He has been that way since day one. Is that normal??? How can I change that?? I get offers from many men and I'm so tempted to say yes only because I long for more in bed. Ugh!
@Sarah, No your doing nothing wrong. He was a virgin and you were his first. So here's a couple of things that may help. 1st, because he has only been with you, change things up on him so he does not feel like its the same person every time. Not that he wants to be with someone else, or that he is not in love with you, but men by nature want to feel like they can concur many women. Because he is in love with you, he lets that impulse pass. But a woman who can change things up on him will keep him interested and coming back for more, and doing more to please you. Next, talk to him. The main thing a guy does not want to hear is that he is NOT pleasuring his woman, if you tell him what you like, and that when he does not do those things, he leaves you feeling like he is only doing this for himself, then I promise you, if he does love you, he will make every effort to make you feel like the woman you are. So instead of looking here for answers, talk to him, and change things up a some, and you will find he will be pleasuring you more and more. But do not make him feel like its a choir, meaning, let him have his nights where you pleasure him, and your nights of him pleasuring him. Not that he must pleasure each and every time. That becomes a choir, and no longer fun.
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