4. Let Your Fingers Roam

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This move is something that is based on your comfort level.

We think men have the magic hands, but ladies we have some power in our fingers ourselves.

There are several lusty spots on a man that when touched and teased take his pleasure to a new degree.

A guy's prostate is his G-Spot.

Rest two fingers between the testicles and anus and lightly put pressure.

This is a move in bed men love that will make him explode, literally!

Dirty Talk


@Devon, my Mr B is repulsed by the idea of food and sex together. He wants to devour me not whipped cream and as I've a dairy allergy I can't return the favour.... Altho I did offer to use.... Marmite haha
My first EVER orgasm aged 40 was by my partner when we had a fling in my teens then apart for 25 years, we couldn't get to meet up straight away and we wanted each other so badly, he was telling me what he wanted to do via our own private Facebook group and without touching myself at all (I've always been Ewww and naΓ―ve) he gave me my first unforgettable orgasm. We've been bk together two years or so now, we are so beautifully intimate, the anticipation builds me up and within seconds of him touching me or being inside me I start orgasming. Its amazing, I never knew what it felt like until I was 40 but have spoken to friends since who haven't been as lucky as me and B. we are like two jigsaw pieces, totally meant to be together, no insecurities or anything. I ask him what he wants me to do and he asks me and most of the time he just takes his lead from my bodily responses. Omg just thinking about him, I want him now! He's turned me into a nympho!
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