5. Dirty Talk

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I have come to find the weirder you feel about talking dirty in bed, the better it is. It's one of those things that just seems a bit off, but a guy loves it. Tell him what you like, compliment him, and shout the dirtiest thoughts you can think of. Don't be afraid to just let yourself go, because when it comes to dirty talk you can't hold yourself back. It's a chance to release your inner sex goddess, and when a guy sees that he is instantly turned on.

Bringing Your Own Toys


My ex was totally like @sarah 's 😒
@Steve, I made my husband read what you wrote...wow fuckin hott! Im a nasty girl in the bed and love being sexy as hell! We can so relate to your comment! When he is gentle and get my ass I go crazy I love it sooo much!
Heather Jensen
Hi Brandy! He might not have a strong sex drive. Have you tried to spice things up in bed? Also, don't cheat. It isn't worth it at all.
@brandy It all depends on the way they are. My man is the same way, doesn't do it very often. You could try and switch it up, for example my man likes oral sex a lot more than actual sex. Ask him what...
Lol at number one, "let your guy take control." If you are "letting" him take control he isn't really in control is he? Find a man who will TAKE control and you will have good sex.
Turd Ferguson
@brandy, because that's definitely NOT normal.
Turd Ferguson
@brandy, talk to him. If he's not willing to change, go for it!
The best thing for me is to please my lady. Kissing, caressing. Slowly moving down to lick her clit. I get so turned on by her reactions as I move my tongue around her pussy. Feeling her move when I h...
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