5. Dirty Talk

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I have come to find the weirder you feel about talking dirty in bed, the better it is.

It's one of those things that just seems a bit off, but a guy loves it.

Tell him what you like, compliment him, and shout the dirtiest thoughts you can think of.

Don't be afraid to just let yourself go, because when it comes to dirty talk you can't hold yourself back.

It's a chance to release your inner sex goddess, and when a guy sees that he is instantly turned on.

Bringing Your Own Toys


I personally can't understand why a man wouldn't want to cover every inch of a female, the places he likes, areas that make her relax and the areas that get her juices running (not always between her thighs)
I love nothing more than to pleasure a woman, teasing her by rolling my tongue anywhere it will go, I am all about making sure she explodes, whether it be with my face buried between her thighs, my fingers while sucking her breasts and whispering in her ears or with my shaft buried deep where it's best to make her legs shake after orgasm...
I dated a guy and he never even went to go explore downstairs with kisses or anything! He went straight to the deed. Worst sex ever!! Never spoke to him again and he wonders why?
Heather Jensen
Hi Sarah! I think that guys are fickle -- they don't think about the girl really. I would try talking to him -- or even try spicing things up a little bit.
My husband never goes down on me..rarely touches me.and I pretty much always do all that has been mentioned in this article to get him excited, but he always skips foreplay. He was a virgin when we first had sex. Is there something I might be doing wrong, or maybe I just don't turn him on? : (
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