8. Don't Always over-do It

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Sometimes, you just gotta let it be simple. Catch him by the collar after work and drag him to the bedroom for a good old shagging. You don't always have to over-complicate it, especially if you catch him off-guard. This can be super unexpected for him and it's a win-win situation for you!

The Location Matters


I love licking pussy and making my girl have an orgasm I know some guys say that don't go down there but we all know that's a bunch of b. s. come on dude if she suckin yu up how are you not gonna do the same for her!!!
Heather Jensen
Hi Brian! That's a great tip!! :) Thank you so much for bringing a guy's prospective to the blog!
Heather Jensen
That's so awesome Tiffany! I think that I have to get better at that type of communication, to be honest. :)
I'm 37, and have been married for 17 years. For my husband and I, everything is open. We talk about sex, what we like and don't like. I'll try anything once! ;)
Unless your way out there, your not going to offend anyone by asking what turns them on, so ask.... All the kissing, licking, touching and learning should be the best and most exciting part of sex.......
Apple Creencia
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
This is awesome...lol...
Paul kingston
@Jeniffer, you have to relax while I (I mean your guy) takes it slow by licking you , kissing your clit, playing with your nipples until you start to shiver into an orgasim...
Paul kingston
@Kevin,Are you kidding me? I love licking kissing down there, and making her squirm and moan! Big turn on.
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