9. The Location Matters

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To be honest girls, the location alone can be something that a lot of men fall for.

Don't always do it in the bedroom, switch it up a little bit.

This can be an unexpected move and move he'll love!

Have you ever seen a porn that is done solely in the bedroom?

Probably not!

So why should your sex life be solely in the bedroom?

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Shane Constantine
I used to be so sexual such a high sex drive I tought I was weird and now 33 and I lost every bit of it can't even do it to myself its very frustrating:(
@Jack, I love being rimmed but haven't managed anal even with lube as my man is well endowed. We do however have anal beads to play with which we both enjoy. I can drive him crazy playing with his ass but his cock gets so huge, I know how turned on he is and I would love to take him up my butt, sadly a physical impossibility, its not for the want of trying. I used to manage with a smaller ex and use a vibrator and him, the feeling of double penetration is mind blowing.
@Old school lover, yeah right! And your partner gets so much pleasure out of that? Or is she inflatable.... Just be careful with those nails while putting the shelf up :-]
@Ken, I'm lucky as in I haven't a gag reflex which B loves as I can take him deep and swallow his juices too mmmm
@Devon, my Mr B is repulsed by the idea of food and sex together. He wants to devour me not whipped cream and as I've a dairy allergy I can't return the favour.... Altho I did offer to use.... Marmite haha
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