Unexpected Places Men like to Be Touched ...

There are places where men like to be touched in a sexy and unexpectedly sensual way.

This is not a list of ways to bring a man to orgasm, nor is it a list built to help enhance orgasm.

These are unexpected places on men where they will enjoy being touched by a close and intimate partner.

1. The Pit under His Knee

Did you ever see the Ally McBeal episodes where the short stuttering guy (the Poughkeepsie guy) from Ghostbusters 2 rubs the inside of a woman’s knee and brings her to orgasm?

If you ever tried it you will find it woefully unsuccessful (please comment if it ever worked for you).

According to the Happy Hooker By Hollander, stroking a woman behind her knee will ascertain whether she is highly sexed or not.

It is a little different for men.

If he is sitting on something such as an office or table chair and is reasonably comfortable, you can nestle your fingers under there and tickle the tendons.

They cause him to have micro-spasms that pull on his private areas and it creates a weird but pleasant sensation.

The Feel of Your Nipples and Breasts on His Feet