4. Increases Blood Flow

Increases Blood Flow

The one of the greatest things about sex you didn't know is that it increases blood flow. What that does is actually keeps your healthy, allows you to have a ton of energy and makes you feel good. If you have sex on a regular basis, you'll definitely be in a better mood and better health overall!

Burns Calories


Chloé Evelyn Lamb
I was a promiscuous teen and now I am celibate and I advise teens to really be careful I was partying a lot and making bad decisions never have unprotected sex I did and I am blessed I am healthy I di...
@Wonderwoman, Yah ur not having orgasm...
@Jenina Marie, It get worst if ur not satisfied..lol..
Great advice, thanks for much for sharing Cori!
To all the young girls. Don't have sex until you're ready. Seriously, I know you think we're all just old farts telling you that so you won't have sex, but you will regret it. You'll feel even more in...
@Ella, obviously.
So my boyfriend and i hav this plan to go to his house and hav sex after prom, but i do not want to get pregnant, should i hav my BF wear a condom to protect me????
or an STD
I don't think you're experiencing sex........and definitely not orgasms
besides getting pregnant...
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