7 Unfair Expectations Placed on Single Women ...


Although there’s nothing wrong with being alone, there are ridiculous expectations placed on single women.2

For some reason, being in a relationship is more socially acceptable than being single.

You might love being alone, but society doesn’t care.

There are so many expectations placed on single women that you need to learn to ignore.

1. You Should Settle down by a Certain Age

One of the biggest expectations placed on single women is that they should be married and have children by a certain age, because ‘the clock is ticking.’ However, everyone moves at their own pace.

You can always adopt if your biological clock runs out of time.

Society shouldn’t force women to get married, because they’re getting older.

No one should commit to a lifetime with another, because they feel peer pressured to do so.

Wait until you’re personally ready, no matter what the world tells you.

You Should Want a Relationship


Karen Fisher Alaniz
Thank you for this. I am very newly single after...well a whole lifetime. This is my first visit and I love your site!
Isabella Coles
Before i started my relationship i spent 20 years learning about myself and liking being single 😊 it's good to figure out who you are
Great article! I just turned 30 and every time I look up someone's asking why don't you have a husband? Why don't you have kids.... Hello as if it has never crossed their mind that I'm not on some quest for these things, lovin life and my single self!!!
Great article. I have always been honest about the fact that I am single, but it does not always seem to be wise. Some people do think I am frustrated, which I am not. I like my freedom too much. Some married men treat me as if I would want something from them, because they are too stupid to imagine that there are women who like to be alone. I have been single for 7,5 years now and I am happy. I am good looking, very well educated, and not too bad to deal with, what do they think, that noone would like me? They must be insane.... 😝
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