11 Unhealthy Reasons Why Couples Stay Together ...


There are unhealthy reasons why couples stay together after their love fades away.2

Some reasons are selfish while others are meant to please others.

Either way, they’re stopping both members of the couple from reaching a higher level of happiness.

If one of the following unhealthy reasons why couples stay together applies to you, then you should think about putting an end to the relationship.

1. Don’t Want to Hurt Him

One of the unhealthy reasons why couples stay together is because they genuinely care for their partner and don’t want to hurt them.

But it’ll hurt your man more in the long run if you keep him around when you’ve lost your feelings for him.

It’s not fair to lie to him.

Every moment spent with you is a moment he’s losing out on finding someone new.

End the relationship so that you can both move on.

Too Comfortable


me and my other have kids together and our relationship is chronic. I've said and done some really messed up things and so has he. But we still stay together. I'm scared that if he leaves I won't have enough money to raise my children, actually I know I won't is this selfish?
oh my gosh yes
All so true! How do I get rid of my bf if he really has no place to go at all
Lisa Marie Obrotka
Sad to say but drugs too
Heather Jensen
Hi! I think that you should confront him. He probably has no idea what's wrong and doesn't realize that you aren't happy.
Thanks to those who feedback, appreciate lots. I'm still at the crossroad and both of us have come to a point when we are now deciding to continue the relationship or not. And now we are in this zone of consideration (we did not argue at all. We just 'know' its time to 'think' now). I do love him a lot but this nagging feeling that's been bugging me, telling me that he's not the one have been going on for way too long (and of course he might be feeling this way due to other issues as well). Call me selfish but I think I am now tolerating that mentioned expectations could not be met. Now only time will tell how this would go...
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