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Beef up the romance factor this February 14th with some sweet, yet easy to execute Valentine’s Day decoration ideas. These ideas won’t break your budget and they won’t take a lot of time, but what they will do is add a bit of romance to your home to put you and your sweetie in the mood for love. Try one or all of these Valentine’s Day decoration ideas and send out some sweet romantic vibes.

1. A String of Hearts

Many Valentine’s Day decoration ideas are simple to create, and this one is no exception. You can easily add a romantic flare to any room with a simple string of hearts. Either purchase any already assembled garland of hearts from your local party supply or craft store, or create one yourself by cutting out hearts from construction paper and stringing them together with ribbon. Drape the hearts anywhere you think is appropriate: in the bedroom, drape them along your headboard; in the living room, drape them across the mantel or in the dining room, string them through your chandelier.

Raining Hearts


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