7 Very Useful Tips on How to Deal with a Controlling Spouse ...


If you’ve noticed lately that your significant other has started to dominate you and you just don’t agree with this “communication method” anymore, read on and discover a few very useful tips on how to deal with a controlling spouse.

Dealing with a controlling person is never easy, especially when that person is someone you care about.

Yet, you shouldn’t let yourself be blinded by love, because no one deserves to be controlled.

If you’ve noticed that your partner has begun to order you like you’re some soldier who needs to follow your commanding officer, if they are always trying to change you into someone that you are not, if they expect you to do everything the way they want and if you don’t, they just freak out, then you should take some action and do something to change their behavior.

Just remember: your partner will not learn to respect you until you learn to respect and love yourself first!2

Here are a few extremely helpful tips on how to deal with a controlling spouse that you should keep in mind if you are trying to solve this problem in your relationship:

1. Notice the Signs of a Controlling Partner

One of the first things you should do if you want to learn how to deal with a controlling spouse is to notice the signs of a controlling partner.2

If your spouse makes all the choices in your life, even the things you wear or eat, if they get extremely angry every time you make a small mistake, if they criticize you all the time, if they act like they are superior and even if they often embarrass you just to teach you a lesson, then you should really do something to correct this situation in order to save your marriage.

Start by Changing Yourself


Correction. #1 LEAVE. The second a guy your dating shows any signs of control and manipulation, cut him off. I dated a guy for only 2 months and it started with small comments about my clothes, to the way I ate, to scrutinizing the way I talked. He held me in contempt if I did something he deemed wrong in his mind. No one your with, who is meant to contribute to your happiness, shouldn't leave you feeling drained or with a pit in your stomach. These are sad insecure people. Bullies, who build their fragile sense of worth by putting others down. They feel they have no control in their lives. They don't get into relationships for love. They do it to gain a sense of power and control over someone they see as weaker. You can't help them. These people need to be avoided until they realize they need serious psychological help.
This article is extremely irresponsible. How can you justify writing this dribble? This junk encourages women to stay with this type of man, who are manipulative and do not love them. You are actively telling people to demean themselves and change for a man. You're lower than low.
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