3. Have a Symbolic Ceremony

This is one of the most used therapeutic techniques when it comes to dealing with loss. It’s a very helpful technique that offers spectacular results. This process will allow you to say good-bye to the relationship that didn’t work out and you’ll be able to get some closure. You could gather some things that remind you of your former love and burn them, or you could simply donate them to charity. You’ll be able to move on and focus on your future instead of being stuck in the past.

Write a Letter


It's been 3 years since I had to break up with him. We loved each other deeply, but things just weren't right and I had to let him go. I've tried to move on, but it's very difficult for me because I c...
I'm still in the process, I saw him today and I felt emotions for him but I think we needed to talk and to make closure together, we ended up good. Although our break-up happened almost 5 months ago, ...
💔 helped my broken heart a lot!! Thanks
Wow crazy I actually did all of this already and it did help me so much with my ex partner... Pretty good ;)
I'd say going out with your girlfriends a lot it will help you not to over think about the break up its effective because that's what I've been doing since I just recently had a break up a few weeks ago. :)
Met new people. Replace the old relationship with a new one.
I was married for over 25 years. Most of it was horrible. Emotional mental and a couple times of physical abuse. He left after he found out there was another person involved with me on my part. I know...
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