5. The Empty Chair

This is another very simple but extremely efficient psycho-therapeutic technique which is often used with people who are dealing with the loss of a close person or with people who are going through a bad breakup.

You are supposed to sit in front of an empty chair and imagine that in that specific chair sits the person who is no longer in your life. Then simply talk to that person and say the things you didn’t have the guts or the chance to say. You will feel more relieved and at peace with yourself and you’ll start moving in a new direction, away from that past that haunted you for too long.

Don’t Forget about Yourself!


Lil Lou Lou
I was engaged when she broke it off. It killed me a billion times over and over she came to me and got her closure and as I tried to talk or ask or before I could think she walked out and said she was...
Ive done all these. ..I recently just apologize to my ex since I was responsible for our breakup but still no closure yet...but it will get better as time goes on. ..I hope
@Tiffy, p
@Tiffy, Whats up
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