2. He Needs His Guys

Just like you need your girls, he needs his guys. There are some things that they get about him that you don’t. Your girlfriends are much better equipped to understand your feelings as a girl, right? They understand why you have the emotions you do. On the flip side of that, his guy friends are better equipped to understand him in certain ways and that’s totally okay.

Time Apart Makes You Appreciate Time Together


Hm. Well this is a tricky subject for me. Mostly because we have 4 kids, so for years he got to go mountain biking and snowboarding and camping and out for beers. I stayed with the kids who were my nu...
Same her @skylove and @ceeaye201 majority of my friends live in different states. So my main friend is my boyfriend. Guess i got to find some fun things to do on my own.
This is super true ! My boyfriend and I would spend so much time together , in the end it caused us to argue a lot !!
I know what you mean, I don't have very many friends around here so I hang out with him and his friends or do my own thing but when he's with his friends sometimes I just wanna do my own thing
So true but what if i have no friends?
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