7 Wantonly Wicked Ways to Seduce Him Using Body Language ...


How to Seduce Him without being too pushy or too straightforward?

Well, isn’t that a question most ladies would like to see answered!

Well, let’s talk body language then, as nothing can be more subtle and yet and more hypnotizing than a woman who knows how to draw attention to herself without even looking like she’s trying!

Wouldn’t we all like to be that woman, wouldn’t we all love to know how to seduce him?

Well, dating experts say this might be easier than it seems and here are a few of their tips and tricks on how to seduce him:3

1. Make Eye Contact

Everything starts with the eyes, ladies, and if you’ve never initiated eye contact before, you should know that’s one of the first things you must do in order to seduce him.

But how to seduce him this way exactly?

Well, here’s how!

First of all, let him notice that you’re looking at him and don’t look the other way when your eyes meet.2

Let that visual bond last a few seconds than smile, look away for a second then look at him again.

From that moment and on, every time you turn to him, you’ll see that he’s already looking your way!

Play with Your Hair


Shamara Jones
actually, i have a question. so there is this guy, and i liked him, right? well, I tried to "seduce" him. didn't gp too well. i think i freaked him out, because now he won't even look at me. we used to friends. how can i mend our friend ship so that i can try again. this time, with proper advice, thanks to your articles. help? please? i would appreciate it SO much.
Shamara Jones
wow, great article. im a fan.
What if the guy you're trying to seduce is kinda more of a flirty/bad-ass type guy who has a lot of friends of the female sex, and is used to being flirted with? How do you win him when he's desensitized to the usual flirting techniques?
I am the exact same way. For whatever reason, I am automatically slightly shielded around guys. Girls I am way more open. I guess I'll try to just be really nice to guys and it will even out lol
Hey Anon! Thanks so much for the compliments! I'm glad that you like the articles. I'd say that you could always use some small subtle flirting tips. Smiling a lot, using eye contact, making sure that you are constantly around him. I think that if you start out with that, you'll have him asking you out in no time at all!
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