8 Warning Signs in an Online Relationship ...


When you're in an online relationship, it can be so easy to lie – so that's why there are tons of warning signs in an online relationship that you've got to watch out for! Have you developed strong feelings for a guy, but you've never met him? Never talked to him on the phone? Never even Skyped with him? These are all warning signs in an online relationship that you should watch out for! I was in an online relationship for over a year and then my partner and I met – and it worked out for us! It can work, but if you get the icky feeling that you're being lied to, take a look at these signs!

1. Extravagant Stories

Always, the top warning signs in an online relationship that you should watch out for are extravagant stories. Nobody can be a model, a flight attendant and be going to school to be a doctor. Not all at the same time. If you are hearing a bunch of stories (because that's what they are most of the time) and not a lot of it seems realistic, this is a warning sign!

Will Never Video Chat


as for pictures...There could be other reasons he doesn't show you many of them. I don;t have many pictures online at all and that is because I don't like the way I look in pictures.
Where does this Eric live?
Bella Ragazza
@Lyndsie Robinson Eric and I have been talking for 5 years. Within those 5 years I have seen very few (like 2) pictures of him? Yet he has "money" and won't buy a cam to oovoo with me
Lyndsie Robinson
Hey Bella, welcome to All Women Stalk! That can unfortunately be a warning sign, although it isn't always. How long have you been talking? If it's an ongoing situation and he never gets a new camera, that might be a red flag.
Bella Ragazza
@Heather Jensen okay, I will watch it. Thanks
Heather Jensen
Who's, Nev? Watch Catfish, he gives it at the end. :)
Bella Ragazza
@Heather Jensen where could I find his email?
Bella Ragazza
We talk on oovoo and on the phone but when we get on oovoo his cam isn't on...he say it doesn't work.
Heather Jensen
Have you tried to drag his photos into Google image? What about calling to verify his work?
Heather Jensen
I know, he's great -- have you tried to email him?
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