4. Avoiding Problems

Do you constantly avoid the problems that rise up in your relationship?

Do you just put them off and don't bring them up again until you are fighting about them?

That's a pattern and one that isn't healthy and that you shouldn't keep up.

You should attempt to work out all of your problems as they come up.

This is where the discussion piece should come in!

You Aren't Yourself


Heather Jensen
Aww! I'm so sorry that happened to you Allison! Sometimes you don't know you are in a toxic relationship. :(
My last relationship had so much guilt-tripping and hostility it was ridiculous. Five years with that douchebag. I'm still getting over it, I wish I had seen this article sooner.
I really need advice. So last year during summer, i had a thing with a guy. He had just gotten in a relationship a day before we met and I guess he was confused and stuck in a love triangle. I knew he liked me but i think we both knew it was just a summer fling. So i fell hard for him and we became really good friends. We would text everyday and he would usually be the first to text me. He never ever left me hanging. But then i guess i stopped texting him and its been about 4 months. I texted him about 2 weeks ago cus i missed him but found out he was on vacation to the bahamas. Do you think he got the text? Can u get connection from there, and if he didnt get it, should i text him? Btw, we met at a camp last year and im going again this year and he might go! Help me please.
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