2. He's Only Available when He Needs Something from You

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What about his availability? Do you constantly find that he isn't available unless he needs something from you? This is definitely a sign he is using you. After all, don't you want a guy that is going to be available when you need him to be? Not just when he needs you?

Financially Dependent on You


@LoveKitty17, if he homes then he would be either using u for money or he would have no choice but to let you pay.. I referring this to a homeless man who has never been arrested in the US.
but what if he is homeless?
geleen abiera
ive been a victim of this too yet i still love him please help me to get over of this i was so stupid
Nikita Heidi
jesus, reading the comments on here makes me cringe. some of you women are putting the rest of us 2 shame! dont get me wrong I bitch bout my boyfriend quite alot when hes bein a dick (being male this...
Nikita Heidi
@Melissa, talk in person? Get to know eachother's likes and dislikes, find out what you have in common and you will soon have plenty to talk about
What you allow will continue.
Been a victim of this.
can some plz help i no whats need to do for me n my kids but its doing it plz hlep
Women are the worst culprits of all that's in this I've had a few and been too stupid I used to makes a lot money and have nothing to show for it because I was paying for someone else's way it's actua...
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