4. You Are His Convenience

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Are you constantly finding yourself his convenience for a ride or for an 'allowance'?

That should never be the case when you are in a mature relationship.2

Everything should be even;

you should never be someones 'convenience'.

Emotional Blackmail


francis sukuli
the guy should pay for the first time bt let not say only men to pay for everything. 50/50.
What kind of guys are this women dating? His money is ours, my money is MINE
Heather Jensen
Hi John! I do definitely see how that can be frustrating and I get your point now, but I don't think that every female is a serial dater, just like I don't think that every man is a cheater. I think that if you make the date something affordable, not dinner, just drinks or even just coffee in the beginning, it can be easy to save money -- while still seeing if the girl is a serial dater. :)
In NYC I've met the serial daters and figured out they had a different guy buying them dinner a few nights a week. Its expensive to date. And its hard for a guy to figure out if you like him or not or just using him. So from a guys POV who has dated a lot I'm more inclined to pay for dates later on vs upfront b/c upfront I'm also trying to figure if I like the girl enough to see her again also. Dinners can be upwards of $80 etc. That's a lot of $ for an exploratory date that likely won't end in marriage etc. Have to kiss a lot of frogs etc is the saying. So with the introduction of online dating and internet etc there is less and less up front due diligence / in person interaction. So it may not be that he's not into you he just may be skeptical or used to getting burned by female serial daters. Split the bill, keep everything casual so no feelings of getting taken advantage of on either side of the table. Unfortunately a lot of females abuse the "men should pay" cultural expectation which leads to long responses like this : ) trying to explain the other side pov frustration
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