7. He Doesn't Need You for Anything but Things That He Needs

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Does your boyfriend not take into account your needs? Maybe it'd be nice once in a while for him to pick you up, instead of you constantly picking him up. Does he not take any of your needs into account when he makes decisions? It's a sign girls!

He Never Takes Your Feelings into Consideration


Heather Jensen
Hi Judes! It was written for the younger generation, but I think that everyone can benefit from it! :)
"Even though the guy is supposed to pay" Seriously?
Judes Viskoe-King
Was this article written for a 15 year old? It's like a pop-up book of generalizations.
Sounds like marriage from a males point of view!
Heather Jensen
Hi Terry! What was that? You -- ate his wallet?
Heather Jensen
Hi Thatcher! I do definitely agree that if you reverse the article, it sounds like a common relationship, but truthfully, I do think that everything should be split at least 50/50 most of the time --...
Thatcher's Iron Stiletto
Reverse the sexes in your article a sec and read it back. Sounds a lot more common relationship than the way you have it. Also what is wrong with a relationship where one partner is financially depend...
terry dinya
...ate his wallet.
terry dinya
Heather Jensen are his wallet.
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