8. He Never Takes Your Feelings into Consideration

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Does your boyfriend take any of your feelings into account? Does he even think about how his actions affect you? This could be a sign he is using you ladies!

He Only Comes Home at Night


Heather Jensen
Hi! I would definitely say that it is not you, it is him. He did use you it sounds like and I'm so sorry that he did. I'd cut off some communication with him hun and really find someone that is worth it. :(
hi everyone i have a question, open to any answers.. i dated this guy back in middle school from what i thought we were madly in love with eachother. 4 years go by i gained a bit of weight and we foun...
I am married and am in a situation where i DO EVERYTHING for my man even till now. we share a baby together but only do everything related to her, he provides finance majority but i put in too coz i h...
@Les, I agree with u :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! I definitely think that you should give him a chance. That way you can find out if he has changed. Just remember, keep your emotions distant and don't get too involved.
Hi Heather, I have a question. In the fall I started going out with a guy I'd liked for over a year. We were really good friends first, but then after a few weeks I found out that when he said he need...
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