8. He Never Takes Your Feelings into Consideration

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Does your boyfriend take any of your feelings into account?

Does he even think about how his actions affect you?

This could be a sign he is using you ladies!

He Only Comes Home at Night


There's a guy that i have been texting for a few weeks now, and he is in one grade higher than me and goes to the same school. I feel like he is going to use me, he hasnt really tried to get to know the real me.
Thomas Williams
@joan,Yes Joan, he might love you but that doesn't give him the right to treat you that manner. i will advice you take a break from him or you seat him down and make it clear to him to get it right. you are not a fool in this situation, some men are very lasy and its please them to used a hard working lady as their tools. My dear, this is 2017, say no to lady men seating at home and doing nothing all in the name of sickness. if you want my help and need more testimony on issues like this. get in touch with me; thomas13@net-c.com and we will talk on phone.
Savannah LaFave
I have a guy that I really like and we've been "together" for 4 days now so far. But yesterday, and today, he sees me yet NEVER goes to walk with me, hugs me, anything. Now he hardly replies to me. I won't take that into deep account, for I know that people become busy. But I don't know whether to answer yes or no to the "are you single" question.
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