7 Warning Signs That You're Too Attached to Him ...

Whether you’re in a relationship or simply crushing on a guy, there are clear signs that you’re too attached to him.

Even if he’s as obsessed with you as you are with him, your actions could be dangerous.

You don’t want to develop unhealthy feelings or end up getting hurt.

Here are some of the biggest signs that you’re too attached to him and that you should take a step back:

1. Expect Texts

When you’re close to someone, it’s normal to expect them to text you every single day.

However, don’t freak out if it takes him five minutes longer to text you back than it took you to text him.

You both have lives outside of one another.

You shoudn’t expect him to contact you every hour on the hour and respond to your messages right away.

One of the signs that you’re too attached to him is that you can’t go a few hours without hearing from him.

Constantly in Convos