Warning Signs 🚨 You're Not 🚫 as into Your New Relationship πŸ’ as You Once Thought πŸ’­ ...


The idea is that you get into a relationship because you like or love the person you're with and you want to be in one.

That's not true for everybody, though.

Sometimes, people end up in relationships just because they don't want to be alone.

Sometimes, they force themselves into one even though it's not right.

Sometimes, things seem really great at first, but then they start to realize that they're not really happy at all.

The point is, there are lots of reasons why someone might discover that they don't dig their new relationship.

These are some of the biggest warning signs.

1. Not Only do You Never Have Anything to Talk about

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Not one single thing – in fact, some days you'd be happy if you never had to talk to you partner again.

But You Don't Really Want to Talk to Your Partner Either


Aakriti Raina
Any more tips?
Neecey Beresford
@Aakriti Raina, this might help Β http://love.allwomenstalk.com/remember-these-things-if-you-love-a-sensitive-person
Aakriti Raina
How can I as a scorpion stop fighting with a Gemini bf?
Aakriti Raina
We both fight a lot but love each other so much. He says to break up when he's very very paused off but I say it's fine and we're still together
Aakriti Raina
How should I be with a sensitive guy? I'm sensitive to, but he's overly. Please give tips
Sammi Anderson
@Aakriti Raina ok wish you all luck❀️
Aakriti Raina
@Sammi Anderson his mind is on me... Probably he's learnt his mistake. But I hope she isn't doing anything and neither him
Sammi Anderson
@Aakriti Raina I'd get a lot closer to him now and try to see if all his attentions on you or distracted. If he's distracted do lots of fun stuff together that will hopefully take his mind off of the other girl.
Aakriti Raina
But I hope they don't talk
Aakriti Raina
I hope he doesn't show interest.. On the other hand he gives her attention and that's why she's attracted towards him. I used to tell him not to give soo much
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