Warning Signs 🚨 You're Not 🚫 as into Your New Relationship πŸ’ as You Once Thought πŸ’­ ...


The idea is that you get into a relationship because you like or love the person you're with and you want to be in one.

That's not true for everybody, though.

Sometimes, people end up in relationships just because they don't want to be alone.2

Sometimes, they force themselves into one even though it's not right.

Sometimes, things seem really great at first, but then they start to realize that they're not really happy at all.

The point is, there are lots of reasons why someone might discover that they don't dig their new relationship.

These are some of the biggest warning signs.

1. Not Only do You Never Have Anything to Talk about

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Not one single thing – in fact, some days you'd be happy if you never had to talk to you partner again.

But You Don't Really Want to Talk to Your Partner Either


girls. of course if hes hanging out with her all the time and being very flirtatious then thats a real problem and you have to discuss this camly with him. maybe something like you dont ming when hes out with friends as long as you get to know when and
he picked you. so you have to think of yourself as his number one pick when you need a self confidence boost. a lot of women tend to get jealous when their confidence is low. and also boyfriends have a right to see their friends even if they happen to be
@Aakriti Raina so i think that them both being geminis does not make their bond stronger than the bond you have with him. and seeing that theyre bffs im guessing theyve been friends for a long time which means he couldve dated her if he had wanted to but
Aakriti Raina
@Tracy T Le
Aakriti Raina
@Sammi Anderson
Aakriti Raina
And I love him so much so I don't wanna leave him either @sammi
Aakriti Raina
I don't know how to move on from this and idk how I can cope up
Aakriti Raina
But he says I can't just like walk and pretend as if she's not there. She blocked me from fb as well and I told my bf why'd she do that. He says as far as I know her she doesn't wanna intrude in your life
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