Warning Signs ⚠️ You're in a Relationship 💑 for All the Wrong 👎🏼 Reasons ...


Relationships aren’t always easy but one thing is for sure, you shouldn’t be plagued with a feeling like you’re not in it for the right reasons. Sure, we all have our doubts from time to time but if you find yourself wanting to be with someone else or feeling like you just can’t break up with him or her, there is definitely something wrong. Even if we don’t feel 110% confident in a relationship, we should be certain that we want to be with our partner and no one else. If you’ve had some doubts about your current relationship and are wondering whether you’re in it for the right reasons, keep reading to see if it’s time to move on.

1. You Don’t Want to Be Alone

Some people don’t mind the single life whereas some prefer to be in a relationship at all times. If you count yourself as one of the latter, you might think that a so-so relationship is better than none. Best-selling dating author Christian Carter says the fear of being alone is definitely not the right reason to be in a relationship. He says that fearing being alone can cause you to make bad choices in order to distract yourself from feeling lonely. Think about it, did you jump into this relationship right after a breakup? Were you single for awhile and felt like it was time to be part of a couple again?

The Sex is Good


I was thinking today how upset being single is bt after seeing this made me soo much Better :)
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