3. Constant Insults

Does your relationship consist of constant sniping?

Do you feel like you always have to be on the defense?

Well girls, that is one of the top signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Your boyfriend should make you feel amazing, he shouldn't constantly be putting you down.

That could actually be a sign that you're in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Fighting Everyday


Heather Jensen
Hey Rachel, there is! I do some of these things in my relationship and truthfully, it can get better, but you both have to work at it. You might have to seek some outside help, only because both of you can get caught up in a communication war. I'd try to sit down and talk to your boyfriend about your issues, stay calm though.
Rachel Reid
My boyfriend does all of these, and admittedly I do several as well. Is there any way to salvage a relationship once you reach this point. Or is it best to cut my losses and get out??
Heather Jensen
Hey Haley! Have you talked to him about it? It might be worth a conversation before you break up with him.
my boyfriend does 4 of these to me....sad i know! should i break up with him? i found a pic of his ex on FB and him...i took a picture of it then sent it to him and he denied that was him and her...the girl was the same person who threatend me in a text :/
Sheena Dioneda
occasionally i think i do two or three of things on the list.
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