7 Ways Guys Can Mess with Your Head ...


How guys mess with your head is something that so many girls wonder about.

Have you been in the dating scene for a while and you are curious how guys mess with your head without any remorse?

What about some of the ways guys can mess with your head?

Don't worry, girls, I've delved deep in and I'm going to share with you all of the different ways guys can play mind games and make things confusing!

1. Mixed Messages

Learning the ins and outs of how guys mess with your head is difficult, especially when they are sending mixed messages!

If your guy is sending mixed messages, it could absolutely be one of the ways that he is messing with your head.

It could be a sign that maybe he doesn't like you as much as you think.

Ask him about it and if you feel like he is messing with your head, talk to him about it!2



Heather Jensen
Great advice!! :) Thank you for that Corie!
Heather Jensen
Hi J! I think that guys like to be in a group too -- sometimes, not all of the time. :)
disagree - men are not women, women are social creatures, men are genetically not so much, women like to work together, men desire competency and a chance to prove themselves by doing and accomplishing goals themselves - they only come together to solve problems that require groups. women have a tribal need to work together in groups much more than men and those needs have been gradually encoded genetically
Heather Jensen
Hi! I would say that he is messing with your head a little bit. Why wouldn't he want you to be known as his girlfriend in public?
@emogothia corie is right u should confront your guy sweetie xx :)
Corie Jean Bramble
I've been dating a guy for almost 2 months and he has no problem with anything that ur experiencing. I would tell him that if he's not willing to show u off then he's not worth ur time.
well its like weve been dating for like some weeks now only a few ppl know about us...whicj is his freinds and some of mine he says he dosent want everybody in our bussiness thsts why he dosent want alot of ppl knowing he has a rep. Of flirting with alot of ppl but out of all of them he only went out with me but is thst an excuse for him to only connect to me on facebook?
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