7 Ways Guys Say I Love You without Actually Saying It ...


Sometimes men can be so hard to read, and if you're wondering whether your man loves you or not, you probably need to know about the ways guys say I love you.

Ladies, they're not like us (well, most of them) and they don't always come out with how they feel.

But if you know the subtle signs to spot, you'll notice some of the ways guys say I love you that will just melt your heart!

1. He Helps You out

Is your man always by your side when you need help with a DIY project, or even just an extra pair of hands to carry the groceries?

If so, then the chances are, he loves you!

Why would you waste your time helping out somebody you don't care about?

If he drops everything to be with you when you need him, then he is surely smitten;

this is one of the ways guys say I love you that is easiest to spot!

He Calls/texts You to Say Goodnight


Hailey Gadeke
I'm not saying anything bad about this article, it's honestly true, but it can also just be that said guy wants to get in your pants
kinda silly
I've known this guy for two years now, we met through my younger brother, and he lives 30 minutes away from where I live. He's a junior in high school, and I just started college this year. When we met 2 yrs ago neither of knew the others age. We haven't ever really talked (because we're both super shy) but I know he likes me because I always find him stating at me and he makes a lot of eye contact, once about a year ago he told my little sister that he liked me and asked her to ask me if I had a crush on him too. My sister, knowing that I wouldn't tell her, just told him that yes, I do like him. This past summer our little group (his 2 younger brothers plus my 2 younger siblings. And us) got together and we were playing dark tag, and when I was standing next to him hiding in the dark, he slipped his arm around my waist. Like a retard, I just stood there and didn't do anything. He also got an Easter basket, put it on my head, and told me that it looked good on me. Idk what all that means. I'm so confused because he hasn't told me anything directly. I don't even have his number, and we used to be friends on Facebook but he deleted his account. Can somebody help me please? How can I find out for sure if he likes me? What should I do to hint to him that I like him? Any tips/advice?
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